ART FORMOSA 福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會」にTHZ galleryブースより出品しました。

My works had exhibited in 2017 ART FORMOSA at TAIPEI 誠品行旅(eslite hotel) by THZ gallery.

Formosa 101 Art Fair established in 2016 is the pioneer in Asia practicing the solo-show art fair. By invitation, it was participated by Asia’s leading galleries with their eminent artists such as ShugoArts and Gallery Nomart from Kanto and Kansai region of Japan, Silverlens and THE DRAWING ROOM from the Philippines, Gana Art and DongSanBang Gallery from Korea, am space from H.K. and the best galleries in Taiwan such as Laing Gallery, ChiWen Gallery, Double Square Gallery, TOSEE Art in Taipei, Da Xiang art space in Taichung, and Inart Space in Tainan to evolve the Asian art market. Based on previous achievements, 2017 ART FORMOSA will be executed in dualvenue format.


As one of the most highly developed art markets in Asia, Taiwan excels in its total number of art collectors, its diverse collection categories, and its top quality of collections. Over the past decade in Taiwan, modern artworks from Asia, Europe, and the U.S. have been persistent demand, leading Sotheby’s, Christie's Hong Kong, China Guardian, China Poly Auction and other major auction houses to recognize Taiwan as an important art market. Formosa 101 Art Fair plays an essential role in this market, the only art fair exhibiting solo shows in Asia, and a premier platform where art and its lovers meet.


2017 ART FORMOSA will bring a broader outlook on both contemporary and classic art to Taiwan and Asia and set up a new milestone again.